I recently signed up to a ceramics course @TurningEarth which was intended as motivation to try something new and branch outwards into different aspects still within the realm of craft. It was a short course but one that has expanded my sights into the possibilities of making and intertwining conceptual work onto new media. Watch this space!

Act For Democracy!
Forum on European Culture, Amsterdam (May-June 2018)
I have been invited to speak and participate in this upcoming forum, a biennale on the strength, impact and value of art and culture for Europe.

I Have Met The Enemy, Upcoming Collaboration (2018)
Common Wealth, UK
Common Wealth make site-specific theatre events that encompass electronic sound, new writing, visual design and verbatim.
We will be working with war veterans and refugees to create an immersive site specific theatre piece that explores our complicity with war.
Reflecting experiences of war and forced migration, the piece will be simultaneous and non-linear and will offer a dizzying journey through space. Set in the UK, the play will re-create the domestic spaces that people arriving from war inhabit, broken by light, sound and kinetic movement in ways that evoke experiences of war and its interruption of everyday life.