October 2017 - February 2018, Huntly (Aberdeenshire)

Over the last few months the kids and i have settled up in Huntly (Aberdeenshire) where i did my artist residency with Deveron Projects, integrating Syrian refugees in a project that sits at the heart of what socially engaged practice should be.
The focus of the project was around food because when two disparate communities, cultures and people need to come to the table... well, they literally need to come to the table!
Marc Higgin (Anthropologist) and i led the project and opened up a space that functioned as a cafe where we hired members of the Syrian community (WOMEN!) to work, in a bid to offer opportunities to develop their language skills and support themselves and their families. The space also doubled up as a drop in space for vulnerable and marginalised members of the community (which reached out to recovering addicts, single parents, refugees, unemployed, elderly and disabled). It also functioned as an open office space where anyone could just walk in and work with free wifi, and coffee/tea/cake on tap! The whole project ran on a donation basis to reinforce its inclusivity.
Deveron Projects follows an incredible ethos where the town is the venue, making every member of the community complicit in the creative and cultural development of its town.
I left with a very heavy heart, leaving behind an incredible project, a gorgeous quaint town and friends far and wide to boot!

Refusing to be Still, Curated by Vassilis Oikonomopoulos
07.02.2018 - 05.05.2018, Jeddah (KSA)
My latest body of work titled In Witness Whereof has been commissioned by the Saudi Arts Council for Jeddah 21,39. This large scale hand embroidered tapestry explores labour rights, specifically the ethical basis of contractual agreements and the value placed on the individual.

The clocks were stricken, Curated by Maya El Khalil
08.02.2018 - 30.04.2018, Jeddah (KSA)
I will be showing two new bodies of work, shaped specifically from the relationships i have built with Syrian refugees during my most recent residency. Soleless series and Kiass are hand embroidered first hand revelations of certain choices refugees make when forced to flee.

I Have Met The Enemy, Upcoming Collaboration (2018)
Common Wealth, UK
Common Wealth make site-specific theatre events that encompass electronic sound, new writing, visual design and verbatim.
We will be working with war veterans and refugees to create an immersive site specific theatre piece that explores our complicity with war.

Reflecting experiences of war and forced migration, the piece will be simultaneous and non-linear and will offer a dizzying journey through space. Set in the UK, the play will re-create the domestic spaces that people arriving from war inhabit, broken by light, sound and kinetic movement in ways that evoke experiences of war and its interruption of everyday life.