New Gallery Representation!
I am very proud to announce my new partnership with the ever sensational duo, Teresa Cisneros and Ashleigh Barice, under BDewitt Gallery (!
Their whole mission and outlook is impressive and inspiring, promoting artists in producing socially and politically engaged work.
I will be working with them, in tandem with my mother gallery, Athr.

Change The Script!
May/June 2018
The image of British Muslim women has been shaped by narrow and harmful stereotypes. Under Baroness Uddin, the Change the Script platform (@ctscript) was created where 100 Muslim women were selected to represent a broader portrait of what it means to be a modern day Muslim woman. Emancipated, educated and active contributors to their society, this project puts women at the forefront of redefining their own identities (for a change). I have been selected as one of the participants on this platform.

I Have Met The Enemy, Upcoming Collaboration (2018)
Common Wealth, UK
Common Wealth make site-specific theatre events that encompass electronic sound, new writing, visual design and verbatim.
We will be working with war veterans and refugees to create an immersive site specific theatre piece that explores our complicity with war.
Reflecting experiences of war and forced migration, the piece will be simultaneous and non-linear and will offer a dizzying journey through space. Set in the UK, the play will re-create the domestic spaces that people arriving from war inhabit, broken by light, sound and kinetic movement in ways that evoke experiences of war and its interruption of everyday life.

Movement for Cultural Democracy
Labour Party Conference (June/July 2018)
Collaborating with the ever inspiring Rhiannon White (, we will be running sessions around class and gender, facilitating participatory events, talks and discussions, using art and performance to shape and expose key intersecting issues, in a bottom up, participatory and representative movement.
These sessions will be held primarily in Cardiff, culminating in Liverpool at the Labour Party Conference, as part of The World Transformed festival, alongside various other issues, namely Refunding the Arts and Culture, Alternatives to Neoliberalism, The Corporate Takeover of the Arts and What Next for Cultural Democracy?